For Dota players : servers have started a new league called the Div League. What is it about?

Well .. the coders from bnet developed a bot that automaticly creats games and master them.
The league is split into public ( SAFELIST ) and Vip ( abobe 1000 points ).

So let’s say you have a account.You can join DotA DIV-SAFELIST games and play till you get 1000 points than you can join the vip section.

There are a lot of great skilled players who have joined this league, sick or the old that is bugged and allways full of players and rules.

This league has no rules ! Backdoor or item stealing is allowed.Allso 2 observers are allowed to watch the game though they usually leave at start.

You get points if you win.You get points if you loose.You get points if you kill/denie players/creeps/towers.Nobody guarantees that there will be no leavers but even so, the game-play is so good that sometimes matches of 100-120 minutes are often.

It’s fun and it’s nice to play but if you are a beginner ( <1000p ) you should be very patient if you want to get into the SAFELIST games.You want to gain 1000 points so u can be declared "SAFE" and added to the SAFELIST but there are a lot of other players who want that aswell so SAFELIST games are filled up really quick even though they are created by the bot every 3 minutes. Once you have 1000 points you can join the normal DotA DIV-LEAGUE games witch are for pros. Wanna give it a try ? Just connect to the bnet servers and refresh the list.

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